Snowday — Creative & Production Studio
A boutique creative & production studio in Brookly, NY.



We are a team of writers and directors, co-creators and friends, bound together by a shared belief in creative possibility.

Working with Snowday means teaming up with both a super-nimble creative agency and production company. We collaborate with brand partners to develop great ideas for video and then do everything it takes to bring those ideas to life. The same core team that develops your creative concept and story will be there with you through the project's final cut and launch -- ensuring that every idea is heard and realized into what we make together.

As a close-knit team, we’ve learned to stay adaptable, problem-solve within complex systems, and dream big. We don’t hesitate to put ambitious ideas on the table. It’s this very practice that makes us excited to come to work in the morning and create -- each and every day.


Josh Buoy, Executive Producer
248 880 9873

195 Montague St, Fl 14
Brooklyn, NY 11201