Snowday — Writing & Production Studio
A boutique writing & production studio in Brookly, NY.



Snowday is a team of writers and directors, co-creators and friends, bound together by a shared belief in creative possibility.


Consider us both a creative agency and production company, shaping powerful ideas for film and video or bringing ideas already in-motion to life. We call ourselves “boutique” (a fancy way of saying we’re small), and we've thought about calling ourselves “agile” (because we're quick to react like a caffeinated cat). The needs of modern brands and audiences are ever-changing, so we wake up wide-eyed and excited to meet them every day.

When we look at the work, we're motivated by the possibilities. We prioritize the development and production of original projects to give every idea a chance. And we solve problems with questions of “what if…” and “how can we…” because work is more fun that way; it really is.


Josh Buoy, Executive Producer
248 880 9873

195 Montague St, Fl 14
Brooklyn, NY 11201